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Lamar Coloradoland established in 2008
We have built our reputation on years of quality, affordable work and tires. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and great service!
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Coloradoland Tire & Service - Lamar, Colorado
Exhaust Muffler Repair & Replacement
Exhaust Muffler Repair Replacement
Question: A vehicle that has had it's engine replaced is brought into a muffler shop. The owner says the new engine is pre-1975 and the vehicle no longer need a converter. Is it tampering to remove the converter?
Yes. The tampering prohibition applies. A motor vehicle must be maintained in a proper certified engine-chassis configuration. In the case of engine switching, the resulting engine-chassis configuration must be identical in all material respects to one that was certified by the manufacturer for the same model year as the chassis or newer. It is not legal for anyone to change a vehicle into one that matches an older configuration than was certified by the manufacturer. Thus, removing the converter would be a violation of the law. Ok, that was a little to technical, but I was trying to make a point. When it comes to your complete exhaust system, we are talking about rules of law and breaking them can earn you an expensive ticket. So don't let your car or truck become a ticket magnet. If you suspect your exhaust system is in need of real help, have the guys at one of our stores check it out today.
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We are a proud Goodyear dealer, but as one of the largest independent tire dealers in North America we have access to ALL tire brands at very competitive pricing and can handle warranties on any tire we sell.

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