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Question: My car has no Anti-Lock Braking System. What should I know in an emergency situation?
In the situation of emergency braking, one of the most important factors is whether your auto has an AntiLock Braking System fitted or not.

This system stops the wheels by locking them up and then skidding whenever the brakes are employed in a situation of emergency. This system also allows the driver to go on with the effective steering even while using the brakes harshly and this is a good benefit of this system. This system also works by turning the brakes of the car on and off a number of times a second and kicks in only in the situation of braking heavily.
Brake Service and Repair
The following is the method of stopping the auto in a situation of emergency with ABS fitted. Keep your hands holding the wheel strongly and then press down on the pedal of the brake as hard as you actually can and don't forget to keep the full pressure applied on the pedal of the brake until you come to a stop. Just before you ultimately come to a stop, press down the pedal of clutch also as this can stop the engine of the car from stalling. Don't panic at all if a pulsating sensation or a noise is coming from the pedal of the brake. It is fully normal for the ABS to make such vibration and noise too.

But what if the automobile isn't fitted with an Anti-Lock Braking System?
Then process for an emergency stop is like this. Keep your hands holding the wheel strongly and then press down on the pedal of the brake resolutely but not extraordinarily hard the cars wheel lock up and your auto starts to skid. If the situation of locking up of the wheel comes then remove your feet away from the pedal of the break till the wheel again starts to turn.

After the movement of the wheels starts, reapply the brakes but not extremely hard. Do also bear in mind that you need to also press down on the pedal of the clutch before you eventually come to a stop, as this can stop the engine of the auto from stalling. When the brakes are over used they even lose their potency or can even overheat.