Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring

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Experience True Comfort
The new Goodyear® Assurance® ComforTred® Touring is a premium tire that offers a smooth, quiet ride and luxurious handling. It's the kind of tire that you can trust to bring new levels of comfort and peace of mind into your daily journeys.The Assurance ComforTred Touring offers the refinement of a special Comfort Layer to help provide, on average, 20% more cushion than standard passenger tires.* And new ComfortEdge™ sidewalls help provide a versatile balance of comfort and handling to help you get
there with confidence!Dual Comfort Zones For Balanced Luxury
The new Assurance ComforTred Touring features Dual Comfort Zones that work together to help provide a balance of comfort and refined handling. The Dual Comfort Zones include a special Comfort Layer in the tread and new ComfortEdge™ sidewalls. The result is a tire that beautifully complements today's luxury and midscale sedans with an uncompromising ride. Experience the luxurious comfort that comes with having a special Comfort Layer in the tread. In fact, the Assurance® ComforTred® Touring offers, on average, 20% more cushion than standard passenger tires!* All-new ComfortEdge™ sidewalls feature a soft component for enhanced ride comfort and a firm component for enhanced handling.

The Innovation Behind Comfort
The Goodyear Assurance® ComforTred® Touring features new innovations to help introduce a quiet, comfortable ride into your daily journeys. Explore this tire for a deeper understanding of how it works.
See if your car can benefit from the refined comfort of Assurance® ComforTred® Touring.

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*Source: Comparison of industry data for T-, H- and V-speed rated tires vs. Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring.