Goodyear Fortera HL

Three Innovative Tread Zones For Superb Traction In Any Weather - Rain, Ice Or Dry
Fortera® HL Fortera SilentArmor® Fortera® TripleTred™
• Deep Blades and Grooves Help Extend Tread Life Without Sacrificing Handling
• Staggered Circumferential Grooves, Curvilinear Blades, and See-through Grooves Help Enhance Forward and Lateral Traction, and Enhance Grip in Rain and Snow
• Highly Buttressed Tread Block Elements Help Provide Stable Handling and Even Treadwear
• Intricate Blading in the Riding Ribs and Centerline Help Enhance Handling, Reduce Noise, and All-Season Traction
• Optimized Tread Pattern Helps Provide a Quiet Ride
• Eligible for a 60,000 Miles/95,000 Kilometers Warranty